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Know Your CBD

The Finest Full Spectrum
Hemp-derived CBD

Bring on the Goodness


Here at PervidaCBD we believe in using the finest quality ingredients in our beverages.   That means when it comes to sourcing CBD, we take care to use the only Full Spectrum Hemp Oil in the market that is GRAS-certified, meaning it’s been evaluated by the FDA to be safe for human consumption.  Every drop in every can has full traceability to the farm in the USA where it was cultivated, and the plant from which it was extracted.  We want to take the guesswork out of what you’re getting, so check out our Safe CBD Guarantee to get the low-down dirty details on this awesome featured ingredient.


Why Full Spectrum?

Nature’s Take on Teamwork

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil lets CBD travel with an entourage.  It’s basically hemp in it’s purest natural form– that means non-GMO, with no additives or added chemicals.  Whereas isolates have extracted or “isolated” CBD, Full Spectrum Oil contains cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids naturally found in cannabis, all of which have the potential to contribute to its beneficial activities.  These superstars have been shown to provide significant health benefits, and using full spectrum hemp oil for our source of CBD allows you to capitalize on something called the “Entourage Effect”.  CBD’s entourage in Full Spectrum oil not only allows you to take on more of the plant’s natural goodness, but also actually strengthens the effect of CBD when compared to isolates.  An all-natural win-win!


Want to learn more?  Visit our FAQ page to get the skinny on this and other burning questions.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Third Party Verified

We are especially proud to say Pervida Calm has been tested by independent laboratories to positively contain CBD.  We know what it’s like to navigate the sea of claims from CBD products companies and it’s almost impossible to separate fact from fiction.  That’s why Pervida CBD believes that it is important to have our functional beverages third party verified.  We encourage all of you to #knowyourCBD!  You can bet your bottom dollar we know ours.

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